Heading to Nashville

We left Green Turtle Bay this morning…although we’ll be back next weekend for a few more days before heading south.  The weather has been hot and sunny so yesterday we decided to give the girls a day off from school.  Yep, one week in and we’re taking a day off.  I’ve fully adopted the “they will be fine” attitude.  I met a number of people at Green Turtle Bay, and multiple that home school or have home schooled!  Got some tips on some good resources and heard some success stories from some fellow boaters who home schooled.  All very reassuring.

A couple of days ago we went back to the cove we visited last Sunday.  The water was 83 degrees and we had a lily pad, noodle, swimming afternoon.  It was great.  Benji loved the lily pad and took a hike up the rocks.


Ben and the girls swam over to a rope swing, climbed the rocks and went off time after time.



Yesterday on our day off we went into town on our golf cart, played some mini-golf (otherwise known as mosquito haven), swam all afternoon, made a great dinner on the boat and got them to bed early.  We had joined Tim and Carol, Cathy and Mike, John and Gabby, Duane and Diane and Tim and Melissa the night before for dinner so the girls had a late night and a pool day was going to be far less work than battling unsuccessfully with overtired children and school work!  We had a great day.

Back to school this morning.  A bit of a chopped up day however, and we’re learning to go with the flow on schedule.  We had about 25 miles on Lake Barkley this morning so we went fast which isn’t conducive to school.  I was able to get some work done on my laptop while the girls played below.  Then we played a little Life and then I decided to pause the game and get working on school.  Maddy asked to do some Spanish today.  We sang some songs and worked on Greetings and Goodbyes.  I’m still quite intimidated about tackling Spanish with the girls and am thankful for help from their Pulaski teachers.  Then we finished the book we’ve been reading together. They are working on book reports now.  I found some great forms online to use as guides.  Molly actually didn’t complain when I told her she had to do more of it than Maddy.  She’s fast at work.  Maddy is not complaining today but it’s like someone gave her a sugar IV and she’s off the wall!  Focus not our strong suit today!  But better than last week’s whining I suppose.  Reading and Math after this and we’ll call it a day.

Heading to Clarskville for the night tonight and will be in Nashville by tomorrow.  We will stay in Nashville for the weekend.  Until next time….


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