Day 19 – Nashville, TN

Today we completed the 160 or so miles from Green Turtle Bay to Nashville, TN.  We are staying downtown at the riverfront docks in Nashville.  We broke the trip up into two days.  Yesterday we traveled from Green Turtle to Clarksville, TN, a trip of about 100 miles.  Today we traveled from Clarksville to Nashville.  The trip took us on about 24 miles on Lake Barkley to the Cumberland for the remainder of our trip.  The trip was beautiful with lots of dramatic bluffs, rock faces and winding river.

Once we got to Nashville we walked across the bridge and took a walk up Broadway.  Nashville is a fun town.  There’s an awful lot to see and do.  I don’t think we will have time to do it all nor is all of it doable with the girls.  We ducked into a bar and listened to some live music, got the girls some kiddie cocktails and shopped for some souvenirs.  We got some great barbecue from a place on Broadway and then walked back to the boat.

In my last post I mentioned the boat was hauled and props swapped.  During the run here I felt some vibrations that I’m hoping are caused by current, not by any further issues with the props or running gear.  Here are a few pictures of the boat getting hauled and the damaged props.


  1. Randy · September 17, 2016

    I assume you are going to dog river marina in mobile. They are very good. Make sure they check shaft alignment. That can cause vibration. Your props don’t look so bad.

    If you see an eddy or whirlpool in the river stay away from it. I didn’t once and discovered a floating navigation marker held under water by a log and current. Ended up back at dog River to get prop fixed.


    • Ben Stein · September 17, 2016

      Good info on the whirlpools, thanks Randy. We will indeed have the shafts dial indicated.


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