Day 15 – Green Turtle Bay

We’ve been at Green Turtle Bay for three days now.  We’re very happy here.  The weather has been beautiful, the facility is very nice and the girls are occupied.  Yesterday we started the day with Tim and Carol’s gold burgee ceremony.  After completing the loop you change from flying a white burgee (flag) to a gold one.  Tim and Carol crossed their wake Friday night when we pulled into Green Turtle Bay.


After the ceremony we joined Tim and Carol and their kids and grandkids for an afternoon on the water.  We went through the canal to Kentucky lake and down to a party cove type area with a bunch of painted rocks.  The water was over 80 and the girls had an amazing time swimming with playmates and enjoying the warm water.

Today we had the boat hauled and the props swapped.  The damaged propellers came off and I was able to eyeball the damage.  It appears to be one good sized ding in the leading edge of one blade and two other blades with damage to their leading edges.  The other side has several very small knicks in the leading edges of its blades.  They will both be sent to Mobile to be repaired and we will pick them up when we pass through Mobile.  Now we just have to try not to damage another set before we get to Mobile…

School continues to go fairly well with Molly.  Madelyn is stubborn.  I’m not sure where she gets it.  Her writing assignments have averaged about 20 minutes of work preceded by between three and six hours of fits and complaints about having to do it.  She has stated her desire to skip the first grade and just go to second when we return.   Thus far we’re not taking her up on that option.

We’re planning to head to Nashville the end of this week, either Thursday or Friday.  We look forward to seeing Nashville.

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