The name…

So, why the name?  A perfectly reasonable question.  The answer goes back a ways.  My first boat was named Have a Day, my second boat was also named Have a Day.  For the third boat, in consultation with my naming consultants (Molly and Maddy) it was decided that this boat couldn’t also be Have a Day.  Molly favored Have a Day Jr., Maddy favored Elsa.  Neither of these seemed quite ideal but with a little convincing we came to a unanimous decision that Have Another Day would work.

But, I’m skipping ahead a little.  Why Have a Day?  This goes back to my childhood.  Many moons ago, probably approaching 30 years ago, my brother and I headed from our home in Hyde Park to go downtown for an orthodontist’s appointment for my brother.  I was probably around 10 years old and very excited to be out and about with only my brother to attempt to supervise my spastic roughly 10 year old self.  I quickly began telling everyone I saw to “have a nice day.”  My brother pleaded with me to knock it off.  This of course only served as encouragement to continue and up the volume.  Eventually he told me I couldn’t tell people to have a nice day.  At that point I began to tell them to, “have a day.”  At that point in some form of capitulation my brother decided that was fine, as long as I didn’t tell people that I was with him.  At that point I began telling everyone to, “Have a day, he’s my brother” while pointing at Max.  This was obviously not the outcome he desired but I believe at that point he may have completely given up on trying to control anything I did.

This story came up in my brother’s toast at our wedding and when we bought a boat it seemed a natural thing to name our boat.  Since then nothing has supplanted it as a better idea and so, here we are three boats later with the same basic name.