Friends, Fishing and Junkanoo

I was a little sad last week to be heading back north.  We made the decision that worked for our schedule this time around and really both felt strongly that our current boat is not the right boat to head further south in.  However, heading north meant repeating places we’d already been and I just wasn’t super excited about it.  But our first repeat was heading back to Treasure Cay for a few nights.  And who can be sad there.  The beach is amazing.  The entire area is beautiful.


And our friends on Trawler Life pulled into the slip right next to us.  And Monday night the marina had Bingo night! We had tried to go to Bingo night in Hopetown the previous Monday and it was so packed we couldn’t get in.  The kids begged to go.  They each won a round.  Another kid won two rounds.  This was somewhat comical since the prize for each round was a bottle of wine.  So, 4 out of 5 rounds involved kids winning wine.  We walked away with a white and a red that we have ready for visitors.  Warning – it’s probably not very good wine.

Oh the beach.  It’s just so beautiful.  The wind returned so the kids didn’t swim much but they had fun in the sand.  They took turns burying each other – Maddy was a mermaid and Molly was a dolphin.  Molly blogged about this as well and I need to get that posted for her (our lack of internet this past week has really gotten us behind in blog posts).

You may remember that months ago way back in Green Turtle Bay, Grand Rivers, KY, Michael from Trawler Life taught the girls how to fish.  Well they got to fish with him again in Treasure.  The girls and Ben and Michael fished at sunset off our dock.  It was another amazing sunset and the kids had so much fun.  Michael was using fresh mahi scraps (that he and Cathy caught) as bait.  They had a big fish waiting and then Ben dropped his fishing pole in the water!  Oops!  Ben then had to fish out his fishing pole and after all that activity the fish were kind of scared away.  But that doesn’t matter.  They had a lot of fun.

The next day we headed down to the Treasure Sands Club.    It was this random discovery by Michael and Cathy.  A stand alone pool on the beach with a nice restaurant and bar.  But no resort.  Nothing else around.  It was a beautiful day.  We hung at the pool for  a bit and then had a delicious lunch and walked back to the marina a couple of miles down the beach.

After three nights at Treasure and two more trips into the bakery for cinnamon rolls, we headed out to continue back tracking north.  We pulled into Great Guana for two nights.  We found out there was a Junkanoo parade that night.  Unfortunately on Bahamas time everything starts late.  9 PM for this one.  Junkanoo is a street parade with music, dance and costumes in many towns across the Bahamas.  We had missed a couple of larger ones because it was just too late at night.  Madelyn wasn’t interested so we decided one of us would take Molly.  Then of course Madelyn wanted in as well!  Molly loved it.  It was like a big marching band wearing crazy colorful awesome costumes.  She thanked us so many times for taking her.  It was a unique cultural experience for her and one we are happy we attended.  She was even handed a cowbell by one of the people marching and got to join in for a bit.  The people in the parade were moving so fast that it was hard to get a good picture!

After Junkanoo and the late night Madelyn especially was a bit of a bear on Friday.  But Friday afternoon Barefoot Man was having a concert.  Barefoot Man is fairly famous over here.  Fun music, hilarious lyrics.  So we headed over to the concert to listen for a bit.  The girls decided to get some hair braids while we listened.

These were our first two repeat stops and we were able to do new things and have fun during both.  Saturday we pulled out and headed to Manjack Cay where we had an incredible afternoon. Stay tuned….


  1. Bryan Dougherty · March 22, 2017

    Great Blog….one quick question…where or who did you rent your water maker from?




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