Cocoa Village, FL

We’ve spent the past week in Cocoa, FL in Cocoa Village.  Cocoa Beach is across the bridge and is the touristy spring break filled area.  Cocoa Village is a quaint adorable little town full of great shops, restaurants and ice cream.  Madelyn loved the dollhouse store.

Both girls loved Annie’s Toy Chest….I believe in one week we’ve been there three times and purchased Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty all three times as well as a new 1000 piece puzzle that we’ve started.  The village also has a great playground and a huge park area with a splash pad right along the water front.  I was able to take a couple of long walks along the water and enjoy the views.


Meanwhile on the boat Ben has been getting lots of packages.  When we are actually stationary for one week we can get Amazon deliveries of lots and lots of boat parts.  I love how creative the girls are.  It’s a skill I lack completely.  Madelyn built a very detailed car out of a cardboard box.  She fits in it but it holds their dolls better.

Thursday my mom arrived!  She is here with us for a week.  The girls are loving every minute of it.  After school Friday we celebrated Ben’s and Madelyn’s birthday with her.  Maddy knew she’d be getting her gifts early (her birthday isn’t for two weeks) and didn’t want to wait any longer.  She is the proud owner of a new mermaid tail.  She’s been waiting since Christmas for it!


She also got a little money.  Molly saves.  Madelyn likes to spend it as soon as it hits her wallet.  So, we took my mom into the Village for lunch and then to Annie’s.  Madelyn knew exactly what that money burning a hole in her purse was going to buy.  A new large tin of Thinking Putty.  Molly bought one too.

Saturday we headed to Cocoa Beach to play tourist for the day.  We had lunch at a restaurant on the beach.  I wanted to see the Cocoa Beach Pier so we headed that way to go to the beach.  There was just a slight hint that this may be the height of spring break.  Yikes.  And it has been insanely windy every day….still.  We met a friend of my mom’s at the beach.  She hung out with her and I took the girls to a few of the shops on the pier.  By the time we got settled on the beach the wind and people were driving me nuts!  The sand was also full of shells and not great to play in.  I have maybe mentioned a few hundred times that I’m desperate to go back to the beautiful and not crowded beaches of the Bahamas.  The wind was so strong the girls couldn’t get in the water.  But we did find a group of people that dug a HUGE hole.  So deep that an adult man was standing down in it and it was over his head.  Maddy was desperate to get in.  No!  But then before the adults left they filled it in halfway so it wasn’t dangerous and so that kids could jump right in.

Ben had been running errands and rescued us from the crowds and wind shortly after.  We got back to the boat and headed back to Annie’s Toy Chest…Madelyn bought another large tin of Thinking Putty because she decided she HAD to have the one Molly had bought the previous day.  She had scored some more cash in her Easter basket from Grandma Cathy.  They got to open those a day early so it would be less chaos today!

Ben and I headed out for a rare date night Saturday night!  We drove over to Cape Canaveral and had a wonderful dinner overlooking the water.


We’ve had a great Easter!  Another holiday on the boat in the books.  The girls woke up to an Easter egg hunt and boogie boards from the Easter Bunny as well as some other goodies.  There are still three eggs missing.  Madelyn didn’t want to go to bed without finding them.  No idea where they are.  My mom says we’ll find them in July.  After the morning chaos and candy breakfast my mom, the girls and I headed to a lovely Easter Mass.  We picked Ben up after and went out for lunch.

We came back to the boat and my mom and Molly made rice krispie treats for dessert tonight.  They aren’t as cute as my sister’s.  She makes bird’s nests in mini muffin tins.  Not something I have on board.  So we just made them in squares with the jelly beans and they turned out cute.

The girls were desperate to try their boogie boards out so we headed back across the bridge to Cocoa Village…but not to the pier.  We wanted to stop in the HUGE Ron Jon store so we went there and then across the street to the beach.  In Florida apparently you go to the beach to celebrate Easter.  Wow the people.  So crowded again but we were there for a purpose.  We walked down to the water and it took a minute for the girls to get in but once they got splashed enough they had a ball.  They didn’t stop for one minute until Ben told them it was time to get going.  Molly has been asking for a boogie board for awhile and today said she kept looking down at it and couldn’t believe it was hers.  Such a minor thing but it made her happy which makes me happy!

We came back to the boat and had a great Easter dinner.  I joked with my youngest sister that we are a one trick pony and this is our holiday boat meal…we had the same meal for Christmas Eve dinner when she was visiting.  Although instead of rice krispie treats we had Christmas cookies.  The girls seem to enjoy the holidays no matter where we are and we’re glad they had a great day.

Tomorrow we are moving a whopping 4 or 5 miles across the water to Cape Canaveral.  The girls and I have been missing having a swimming pool.  We found a nice looking marina that is supposed to have a decent pool.  We’ll probably watch some more of the big cruise ships….we saw two of them pull out today.  And there is a space shuttle launch Tuesday morning we’re hoping to see.

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